Mobile Ensuite Hire

Safety and Users Guide



  • DO NOT USE POWERBOARDS OR DOUBLE ADAPTORS. Bathroom must be plugged in to two fixed power outlets. The power leads have been connected by us for maximum safety. Do not rearrange them or alter the connection in any way.
  • DO  NOT PLACE FOREIGN ITEMS DOWN THE TOILET. NO SANITARY PADS, WET WIPES OF ANY TYPE INCLUDING FLUSHABLE ONES OR ANYTHING EXCEPT ONE ORTWO PLY TOILET PAPER. DO NOT USE QUILTON BRAND.This can cause the macerating pump to cease working and damage the inner workings of the unit. If the pump becomes blocked, turn off the power and call 0418 344 445 a fee will apply to attend to the unit if the fault is due to negligence of the user.
  • ANY DAMAGE TO THE BATHROOM OR ITS ASSESSORIES WILL BE INVOICED TO YOU. It is your responsibility to ensure the bathroom is not damaged in any way.
  • It is your responsibility to extend the hire period. If we arrive to collect the portable bathroom and you want to extend the hire a failed collection fee will apply of $150.00
  • Do not use hair dyes in the bathroom
  • If the supply water hoses are in the sun please remember that the water in these hoses can become very hot. Always run the cold water to ensure the water is at a safe temperature.
  • Do not hose the power point, switches light or heater (if installed).
  • Do not use abrasive or acidic cleaning agents or scourers. A gentle detergent and soft cloth is all that is required. Hosing out is fine. A nylon scrubbing brush may be used on the non-slip floor surface
  • Please avoid placing aerosol cans on the vanity as moisture causes the bottom of the can to rust and stains the gel coat.
  • Do not lean items against the outside walls.
  • Do not attempt to move the bathroom or disconnect it’s leads and hoses. 
  • An adult must accompany small children in and around the bathroom.
  • The bathroom must be returned in a clean and tidy condition. Any extra cleaning is charged at the current cleaning fee. e.g. Tar, tree sap, scuff marks, glue, paint, grout and concrete splatter etc
  • If a representative is required to attend the bathroom to reset safety switches, remove foreign items from the pump or pipes, reposition the bathroom or for any other reason caused by negligence of the hirer a minimum service fee will apply of $120.00 during standard business hours, weekend and afterhours rates apply otherwise.
  • Please call 0418 344 445 to report faults or damage immediately.